Sales Trainees

You will never forget your first deal!

Our corporate goal is happy customers. But first of all, we have to know our customers and understand their needs. The Account Manager Sales is thus the first point of contact for the customer. He sells our service and our products. You won’t learn how that’s done at any university!

That’s why many years ago we decided to develop a trainee program for the sales department and train the best account managers on our own. Our training requires commitment and a strong desire to learn. As goes for anything: the more you practice and work on yourself, the better you will be. We coach you in the process and give you feedback on your performance at regular intervals. Within 24 months, we will jump-start your sales career and make the most of your talent!



“A lot is based on trust here. And, if you want, you can act independently very early on. The sales training is unique and was the best thing I could have ever found for myself.”

Kariem Abbas, Sales Trainee IT Solution Services

Your speculative application

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Should you have any questions, please contact us at: +49 (6434) 9450 0.

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