Strategic Service Consulting

Strategic Service Consulting GmbH

Combining strategy and implementation

Strategic consultancy based on what is feasible

Best practices for your service management and shared services management

With its headquarters in Berlin, Strategic Service Consulting (SSC) is a company belonging to Serviceware. We develop strategic concepts for your service and shared services management, based on what is feasible.

Starting with the strategy through an analysis of the business processes, we model the service processes for your company, thus combining the advantages of both classic strategy and IT consultancy. Both small and medium-sized businesses as well as companies listed on the DAX stock exchange from various sectors are counted among our satisfied customers. From the start of the project, well-established top management consultants work on holistic solutions together with IT experts experienced in implementation.

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Optimized shared services

For your target-oriented and structured service management

Shared services remain a priority when companies want to transform their business models in order to profit from the global network. In most cases, this is achieved by increasing the degree of consolidation, expanding the scope of services at the shared service center, or relocating services to growth markets. For such a transition, most companies choose a “lift and shift” approach in order to avoid the complexity of a big bang and reduce the change management expense on the operational side. This entails, however, that the responsibility for the business case is transferred to the shared service center organization.

Strategic Service Consulting is an advisor regarding all of the ever-evolving challenges and develops, together with you, a target-oriented and structured service management.

Here’s how you can find us

Strategic Service Consulting GmbH

Friedrichstraße  95

10117 Berlin


Tel: +49 (0) 6434 9450-880

Fax: +49 (0) 6434 9450-881

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