PMCS.helpLine is now Serviceware

PMCS.helpLine Software Group is now Serviceware SE

Since Friday April 20, 2018, PMCS.helpLine Software Group has been listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange as Serviceware SE (prime standard: SJJ).

Serviceware SE is the holding company of all the firms formerly belonging to PMCS.helpLine Software Group.
We are one of only a few German software firms that has gone public as an owner-managed family business. That way we have the financial opportunity to further expand our market dominance across Europe.
Last year the two founders, who still have a combined holding of 60%, decided that they wanted to open up to investors in order to support their customers with the digitization of their service processes in the best possible way well into the future. Their goal is to further the growth of the past 20 years and expand upon it more than ever before.

We will use the proceeds of the capital increase made possible by going public to further extend our solution portfolio. Among other things, we want to expand our portfolio through further acquisitions in order to provide our customers with an even more attractive software platform. Furthermore, we want to internationalize faster und address additional markets within Europe.

We would like to proactively answer some question that you might have in this context:

Is there any change in the overall focus and management of the company?
No. After the stock exchange listing, the founders, Dirk K. Martin and Harald Popp, still hold over 60% of the shares.

What does the stock market launch mean for collaboration within current projects?
In terms of day-to-day collaboration, everything will continue on the existing basis that you are familiar with. There is no change to the organization of the company including its management and its staff responsibilities and roles.

Does the stock market launch of Serviceware SE have any impact on existing contractual relationships?
No, all the group companies continue to exist just as before, so there are no changes of any kind to existing contractual relationships. Serviceware SE is the holding company for all the group companies.

Our company will continue to live up to its “We live service!” motto in the future and stay true to our ideology that has distinguished us ever since the foundation 20 years ago. We will leverage the potential the stock exchange listing provides us with in order to grow with you and for you as a reliable partner with a clear vision.

If you want to know more we will gladly answer all of your questions.

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