Young professionals

Young professionals

We create the foundation of your career

When you join one of our teams, e.g. in software development or consulting, you will be closely supported along your way by your mentor. He helps you to find your way quickly, works on the purposeful development of your know-how, and is always there for you with help and advice. Early on, you will be given responsibility for your projects, so you definitely plunge in at the deep end. But you won’t be left alone! You can always rely on help from experienced colleagues and will engage in lively exchanges with them.

Our work force is young, and many colleagues still remember what it felt like when they were “rookies”. Our tried-and-tested job training and instruction concepts will lend you additional support. We will add to your theoretical knowledge with high-quality training sessions, thereby turning you into an expert. Once this foundation is laid, your professional career with us can take off.


“Everyone knows how much work each and every colleague has contributed when a great sales success has been achieved. That’s why we appreciate and mutually respect one another – and, of course, we delight in a shared success. The environment is very professional. At the same time, the work on the team is fun and the interaction with one another is amicable.”

Jannick Berghäuser, Customer Support Engineer
Financial Management

Your speculative application

Do you think it would be better if we got to know you outside of the vacancy ads?

Please send an open application to and make us curious to learn more about you!

Should you have any questions, please contact us at: +49 (6434) 9450 0.

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