Catenic AG

Catenic AG

Financial management for your service and shared services management control

Transparent management control of IT services and shared services

Balance your service costs according to the costs-by-cause principle

Within Serviceware, Catenic AG offers optimum solutions for your financial management.

The anafee financial management software is supported by a team of consultants and software designers with many years of experience in the area of management control, auditing and tax consultation in large and medium-sized companies. This expertise characterizes the anafee financial management software. Additionally, it helps our customers with the strategic conceptualization and operational implementation of projects in the field of shared services.

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Know your cost drivers

Cost and performance transparency for your IT services

“Thanks to the new solution, we can answer the question better now about what IT contributes to value creation because, with anafee, we know our cost drivers.”

Stephan Trümper, Commercial Coordinator, DuMont Systems (DuMont Schauberg Media Group)

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