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We are an owner-managed, medium-sized software company that pursues a clear-cut growth strategy with an attractive product portfolio and state-of-the-art IT solutions in the service environment. We support our customers in the professional management of (internal) customer processes and thus create added value and a competitive edge for them. The Group’s proprietary software solutions of “anafee”,  “helpLine”, “Careware” and “Serviceware Customer Service” map all processes of financial, IT, customer service, and field service management consistently without media disruptions. In addition, we refine and implement solutions for Data management, system management, and security management, based on the products of leading technology partners. Strategy consultancy rounds out our portfolio.

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Responsibility, trust, fun! The tasks you’re given at our company during your apprenticeship are, if nothing else, real and genuine ones right from the start. We are certain you learn most when you have the opportunity of handling problems and challenges from real everyday corporate practices.  

Apprentices & Students

Apprentices & Students

When you join one of our teams, e.g. in software development or consulting, you will be closely supported along your way by your mentor. He helps you to find your way quickly, works on the purposeful development of your know-how and is always there for you with help and advice. Early on, you will be given responsibility for your projects, so you definitely plunge in at the deep end. But you won’t be left alone! You can always rely on help from experienced colleagues and will engage in lively exchanges with them.

Young Professionals

Young Professionals

Our corporate goal is happy customers. But first of all, we have to know our customers and understand their needs. The Account Manager Sales is thus the first contact person for the customer. He sells our service and our products. You won’t learn how it’s done at any university either!



We have been constantly growing over the last 20 years, and our organizational structure is continuously developing. You can take part actively in this development and make a difference. You can actually get things done, because the decision-making paths to management are short. Our corporate culture is characterized by the fact we pose questions and want to hear solid arguments. Bring your experience to us!

Direct Entry

Direct Entry

We employ a total of around 280 employees at eight locations in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain and the Netherlands. Our employees are experts in their fields, highly qualified and professional in their working methods. Collaboration within our corporate group is characterized by the desire to challenge as well as help and support one another. Each and every employee has the opportunity to develop his or her skills and know-how, thus laying the basis of a professional career in the long term. The environment in which we are moving is based on performance-oriented external and internal competition. A friendly atmosphere among colleagues is very important to us. We are proud of our flexible and solution-oriented organizational structure, which gives every employee lots of freedom to design the work in his/her personal way.

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