Direct entry

Direct entry

Our growth needs your experience

We have been constantly growing over the last 20 years and our organizational structure is continuously developing. You can actively take part in this development and make a difference, because the decision-making paths to management are short. Our corporate culture is characterized by us posing challenges and demanding solid arguments in response. Bring your experience to us!

We give you responsibility and we will support you by granting great flexibility in your work methods. Our trust comes with the expectation that you work autonomously, to think for yourself, and to consistently adapt our processes to changing demands. Our promise: we do not rest on our past laurels but want to achieve the next goal together with you.

“My personal standards with respect to my work, my motivation, and my self-reliance have been ideally supported here. Since I am in direct contact with the decision-makers, I can really make a difference.”

Dominik Gärtner, Service Manager IT Solution Services

Your speculative application

Do you think it would be better if we got to know you outside of the vacancy ads?

Please send an open application to and make us curious to learn more about you!

Should you have any questions, please contact us at: +49 (6434) 9450 0.

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